BillBerry Cycling

This site is about about bicycling – mainly bicycle touring.  It was originally established to present Freda (Bill) Cole’s journal of a 1939 bicycle tour of Europe and the journal of the repeat of that tour seven decades on.  Click on ” Europe Twice Around – On the eve of war and seven decades on – by bicycle”  (tab 1) for this.

Bill’s friend Berry pedalled with her out of their home town of Worcester on 16 April 1939.  These two young women were dedicated members of the Girl Guide Movement and remained so all their lives.  The Scout/Guide Movement is in very large part about leadership and thus, for the Guides, women’s empowerment.  So, in repeating of the 1939 ride we took the opportunity to promote the work of the Scout/Guide Movement on women’s empowerment especially in the developing world.

We established the BillBerry Blue Stocking Fund (tab 4) to help contribute to resourcing such work and its income goes to the indigo foundation for this purpose.  A ride from Canberra to Melbourne (tab 2) raised about $10,000 for this and the Sydney to Summit ride in April 2016 (tab 3) is planned to raise thousands more.


Readers of this site might be interested in gryphonwritings though they are not about cycling.






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