MAMIL Champions Cycling for Change in the Pacific

It was minus 4 for our departure from Cooma with a quite thick freezing fog. We climbed up out of the fog at about 950 metres into a sunny day on the Monaro High Plain with a breeze of about 18 kms per hour behind us! At our highest point (1100 metres) we had a grand view of the Snowy Mountains complete with a good dusting of snow. We descended to about 800 metres for hot coffee and traditional pink iced fruit bun from Cooma provided by our wonderful sag wagon driver Lois. After climbing to 1000 metres again we had a thrilling 250 metre descent to the valley of the McLaughlin River. It might well have been named such because the landscape does look a bit like parts of Scotland. In Bibbenluke Lois spoilt us with hot bowls of bean casserole. After a pretty quick coffee in Bombala, we raced against the failing light for the Delegate Pub with a magnificent sunset taking our attention away from the road. Very well fed we are all off early to bed to recuperate from 140 kms and 1583 metres climbed. Tomorrow will be another big day.


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