MAMIL Champions Cycling for Change in the Pacific

Not quite such a cold start from Delegate today, but it was a few kilometres before our fingers thawed out. Once they had we were able to operate the binoculars to observe a flock of shelducks helping themselves to a crop of some sort. The morning sun shone on this beautiful rolling upland grazing country for half an hour before a greying sky threatened. Immediately crossing the border to Victoria cleared fields gave way to magnificent mountain ash forest.. Lyrebirds and black wallabies dashed across the road. The rain came and went and came again. Lois again did us proud with hot and spicy lentil soup for lunch which we enjoyed with the added benefit of watching a large machine demolishing a couple of trees killed in the bush fire that ravaged many square kilometres of these forests recently. From 750 metres at Delegate we climbed (a total of 1129 metres) and descended about three or four or more times over 126 kilometres today to the Club Hotel ($30 each for the night) at Orbost at 34 metres above sea level.


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